The photos in this example might or might not be full-screen, depending on the actual photos you use. They could also be simple photo objects with the backgrounds cut out. Or if you want to get really creative, bring the puzzle motif and the photos together by sketching each photo inside a puzzle piece.

d = {} d[1] = 1 d[2] = 2 d[3] = 3 d[4] = 1 d.values() 2, 3, 1]

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In the previous section we looked at the ways that you can get help from other Ruby developers, but once you ve gained a certain amount of Ruby knowledge you ll be able to start helping people yourself. You can participate on the IRC chatrooms, forums, and

mailing lists, and begin to answer some of the questions for those with lesser knowledge than yourself. Helping others isn t always the selfless, time-consuming act it might seem at first. Often, questions are asked that relate to your knowledge but require you to work out something new or to identify a new solution to a problem you ve already solved. My personal experience with helping people in the IRC chatrooms has been that my mind has been constantly stretched. Although sometimes I might have the best answer, other times I might give an inaccurate or confusing answer that s then corrected by someone else, helping me to gain a new insight. Don t be afraid to dive in and try to help others. If you feel your answer is right, even if it s not, it s likely that several people will try to help, and the Ruby community is generally forgiving of such errors. In the Ruby community, effort is often prized above prowess.

Just as the Point A and Point B slides are good places to ask questions and prompt dialog, other good places to do that are just before the second and third Key Point slides. To plan for audience interaction at these points, go to Slide Sorter view after you sketch your Key Point slides, select Key Point 1, and then click Ctrl+D to duplicate the slide. Drag the duplicate Key Point 1 slide to just before the Key Point 2 slide. Now select Key Point 2, duplicate it, and drag the duplicate to just before Key Point 3. After you present the Explanation and Detail slides that follow Key Point 1, you ll see the Key Point 1 slide again, and there you ll pause to ask for questions. When you ve nished, advance to the Key Point 2 slide. Pause again after the Key Point 2 slide, and then advance to Key Point 3. You also might choose to duplicate these slides in 8, after you ve added graphics to visually reinforce the Key Point slides at the end of the rst and second Act II scenes.

Once you begin to develop your own Ruby applications, you might find features missing in the applications or libraries you wish to use, and you ll either develop your own or work on upgrading those that already exist. If a project is open source, you should be able to supply your changes and upgrades back to the project, meaning that you improve the quality of the software for the entire community. Other than benefiting others, this also means your code is likely to be extended and improved itself, and you ll be able to reap even more benefit than if you kept your code to yourself. All open source Ruby libraries and applications have someone who is in charge of maintaining them, and if no guidance is provided on the project s Web site, simply contact the maintainer and see whether you can contribute your code. Alternatively, if you don t feel confident enough to supply code, but see large gaps in the documentation for a project perhaps even in Ruby itself maintainers are often ecstatic if you ll supply documentation. You can learn more about how to document Ruby programs in 7. Many coders aren t good at documentation or don t have the time to complete it, so if you have a skill for it, contributing documentation to a project could make you very popular indeed!

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